Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Bump

How far along are you? I thought I was 28 weeks 3 days. My doctor told me this week I am measuring at 28 weeks 5 days.

How big is baby? the nest says 15 inches.
Maternity clothes? yes, I still have some stuff I can get away with.
Weight – Loss or Gain? gain- about 25-30 pounds.

Stretch marks? None
Sleep: Not good.

Best moment this week: Feeling so much more movement all the time.

Any Movement?: yes alot.

Food Cravings?: I am not sure this week it hasn't been bad.

Food Aversions?: Spaghetti sauce

Belly Button in or out? In

What do you miss: Sleeping on my stomach

What are you looking forward to: My 3d ultrasound 5/1

What was the BEST part of this week?

What was the WORST part of this week? Really bad pain in my groin area.

Weekly Wisdom: Get your sleep!
Milestones: 3rd Trimester!

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